Whatsapp has created a huge impact over the instant messaging world. It also holds the top spot, earlier owned by BBM, among all apps providing instant messaging service. With almost infallible service this app never fails to deliver. However, some users aren’t still completely satisfied with the service. Some complain about it’s “last seen” feature being a boon to stalkers. While others complain about it having a very basic look and feel.(If you want to customize Whatsapp you can check out Whatsapp+ ) A few feel it lacks the free SMS service.

Here is a list of top 3 alternatives for Whatsapp. 

1. LineNaver Line

Line is developed by NAVER. It is a service similar to Whatsapp, but with a huge advantage over it. Line also supports free Internet calling service to other users having Line installed on their device. Other than this it have a great looking interface with some really funny smileys(which they call as stickers) which will make your chat much more interesting. However on the other side it has a few connectivity issues, which are rare, but present and also it is heavy on memory. It also requires only the phone number of your friend to add them to your list and vice-versa. Another big advantage is that you can also use this app on your PC as well as MAC. You must try this app if you want free Internet calling, a wide variety of smileys and great looking interface.

iOS users can download the app from here and Android users can download the app from here.
Facebook Messsenger

2. Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger app has recently started supporting instant messaging on cellular devices. Earlier the app was only for chatting using the Facebook’s servers and hence not so “instant”. However in light of Whatsapp’s success and the recent rumors of Facebook acquiring Whatsapp, Facebook also started the instant messaging service. The main advantage in using this app is that it allows you to connect to your Facebook friends too. Needless to say that your friend should also have this app for instant messaging service, else the message is sent to his/her Facebook profile. If you want to avoid sharing your phone numbers and still use instant messaging, this is the solution for you.

iOS users can download the app from here and Android users can download the app from here.
3.Hike Hike

Hike is developed by Bharti Softbank. Hike is an app that provides instant messaging service. It is a good looking app that is elegant and does what it says. It also provides free text messaging with a limit of 100 free SMSes. At present the SMS service is available only for users in India, but with future plans to expand this project worldwide, the app looks very promising. The app was recently launched but has crawled up on this list at number 3 alternative for Whatsapp. Just like other apps it requires only the other users phone number. Available on both Apple and Android.

iOS users can download the app from here and Android users can download from here.


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