Football is an integral component of any footballing enthusiast’s life. The passion, enjoyment and the pompous occasions associated with this game stand in no comparison with the other sports. The affection for a club or a manager, or the addictiveness with various tactics, teams, and goals remains unrivalled in competition with moments of some other sports. Thus, transforming such great games onto the tip of the hand is an advantageous prospect. With Android apps providing ample exposure in each domain, football and sports certainly can’t be left behind. Let’s have a look at some of the top football games that can reside on your Android devices.

fluid-soccerFluid Football:

The peculiar aspect about Fluid Soccer is that it is a strategic football game. This specifically is for the individuals who feel playing FIFA and Real Football on your small screen is an irksome factor. In this particular game, you will need to focus on the movement of all the players present on the field in order to score a goal. Accordingly you will need to direct the various player movements on the resident two-dimensional field.
The user is also entitled to a 3D view during the time that the individual tries for precise goal shooting. Initially certain tips are provided to pass through wading tricky challenged. Additionally the game constitutes commentary by Andy Gray and Richard Keys.

FIFA by EA Sports:

This conventionally is the primary name that strikes our mind whenever we hear or associate something with football. Every year we are treated with vast improvements which enhance the overall functionality of the game. FIFA for Android follows along these lines and it provisions out a real world-like play on your handset. The significant aspects include that the game features are: 22 officially licensed leagues, 500+ licensed teams and more than 15,000 players and around 32 authentic stadiums to play football on. Thus, the world of virtual football games suddenly got very captivating.
However, you will need to reside this on a large screen display for efficient functionality of this resultant aspect. Furthermore, the camera angle and controls are coordinated in a smart way that aids in providing smooth gameplay experience. The game also constitutes various amazing soundtracks.

Real Football:

Another notable availability is this amazing football game which assists the progress in providing an enjoyable experience to play on the Android device. It is a perfect alternative for FIFA if you are concerned about the hefty price tag of FIFA. For employing this game, you will require a phone with powerful processor to support and functionalize smooth gameplay during the game. Real Football is a free app and can be downloaded from here.

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