Playing quizzes and answering questions is an integral aspect of any inquisitive individuals. These individuals can be gamers and fans of quiz shows that have an enjoyable time answering on such quizzes or randomly switching several quiz programs, quiz games and quizzing around everytime. Therefore this is an ideal fit for people who enjoy quizzing around. The following list of apps present some of the best quiz games available on Android mobile operating systems.

Icon Pop Quiz

Icon pop quiz

The notable trait of this specific application is that it is predominantly a game for TV buffs, celebrity spotters and movie fans. Thus it a specific app that caters to such categories and thus the individuals residing in such categories have an enjoyable time employing such a functionality. Basically it is an icon quiz that focusses on the player’s ability in remembering any hit movie/TV shows icons. Here the right answers to the resultant icon are provided when such answers pop up on the screen during the time that any user plays it. Furthermore the scores are awarded according to the accuracy level of the answers that have been provided by such individuals. Also these are given with respect to the speed at which this answers are provided. Additionally the user is given some extra incentive based on the games capability for allowing multiple players challenge each other.

The Happy Millionaire Quiz

Happy Millionaire Quiz

This specific app runs on both smart mobile devices and tablets. The trait of the app is that it constitutes a set of 15 questions for a gamer to bestow answers before an individual can finish off any game. Additionally, it also provides gamers with the traditional three lifelines. This is the form of asking the audience certain questions, or phone a friend and 50/50. However the downside is that it gets deviated from the average question and answer games. This is due to the fact that a particular player can select a specific computerized player partner who dishes out the necessitated functionalities with his colorful insight/understanding of the question asked. Also, the user is awarded with cash on the basis of the question’s level that was answered previously.


Song Pop

This is a fantastic proportionality during the time that a user wants to test his/her brain power for remembering every song the particular individual that has been heard over the juncture of time. Also the user has to guess the corresponding artist who produced it. This specifically is a Facebook quiz application for android tablets that provisions out quizzes for multiple players respectively on their knowledge of music in a genre and generation frame. This is spread across all the genres and the corresponding music generations and it also depends on the choices of both the players. Hereafter the respective individuals are awarded with virtual coins which can be utilized further to unlock more songs for a rounder challenge ahead.

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