With the advent in the number of apps available for several categories, games continue to be the prominent ones that are sought after endlessly. According to the genres and the sub divisions available in the heterogeneous categories of games, it is indeed an enjoyable aspect to try these games as we move forward in time. There are games that can be used for killing time, whereas others can be for fun or scary ones. The scary games possess the necessary thrilling experience along-with some terrifying music and graphics to keep individuals glued on the phone. It is an enjoyable aspect to play these horror games and enjoy a unique different feeling as compared to the normal games. Here below is a list of top 3 scariest games for Android mobile devices.
scary games

Dead Space

Dead Space Android

Dead Space is available both for the iOS and Android platforms. There are different versions of this game that are functional on the specific system. At the beginning, the game introduces the players to a specific set or a host of zombies in the most unusual forms. These characterizations keep surfacing up on the screen unexpectedly & very frequently. The individual has the ability to play each of the game’s five scary adventures. This is performed with a do-or-die battle against the corpses. The main point of the game is to beat over these monstrous enemies; else you fail in the mission completely and are accompanied to some maddening audio.Dead Space for Android

It is a paid app and this game can be downloaded from here.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow

If you have ever played some crazy zombie games on the desktop, then this game will surely keep you captivated. This game manages to replicate the entire scenario which is available on the zombie games played online. The characterization in this game is that you are produced into a post-apocalyptic phase where-in everybody else has been entirely transformed into a zombie and you are sole candidate who is fighting for survival. The game displays some of the weirdest creatures like goblins thirsty for blood, witches and their minions, and a host of indescribable monsters. Surely a frightening and terrifying game!Dark Meadow Android game

This game is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land

Call of the Cthulhu Android

This game possesses several elements that have an unnerving experience on the user. Different players are up against scary monsters which bring out some horrifying situations in this game. These characterizations are devised in reference to mythological creatures, zombies, and deadly animals. The game doesn’t work on luck or by hook or crook methods. The individual will need to develop tactics, strategies, and a collection of huge weapons for implementing along the survival aspect in this game. Call of Cthulhu Wasted Land

It is a paid app and this game can be downloaded from here.

Which game did you like the most? Share your experiences in the comment section below!!

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