Most Android Smartphone possesses a decent camera. Thus, taking photos and videos is a habitual thing for plenty individuals. With the development related to apps, currently we are facilitated with Apps which enable the Android smartphone to be utilized as a spy camera. These particularized Apps have the necessitated basic features of capturing Videos or pictures; however along-with the traditional features the apps involve other unique functionalities which aid in the course for utilizing them as spy cameras. Along these lines, listed below are 5 apps which help the user in using the Smartphone camera as Spy Camera. So, bring out the spy in you!
Android Spy Camera Apps

Hidden Camera Spy Camera

Hidden Camera Spy

The peculiarity of this app is that it is useful for capturing quality videos and audio without the others getting to know about it. Thus, this includes some additional functionality than the usual task of capturing instant secret photos. Also, this app can passively run in the background working on for the maximum Spy action. The trait of this app is that it allows for multitasking experience on the handset. Using this app, the user is also entitled to use other apps simultaneously on your Android device like Twitter, Facebook. Additionally, phone calls can also be attended. Another plus point is that the app features password protection from unauthorized access.

It is a paid app it and can be downloaded from here.

Spy Camera


The basic characteristic of the app is that it focusses on taking pictures and recording video secretly by muting the shutter sound and the flash, preview of the images and videos. During the time that such an element is employed on the device, only displayable is the black screen with status and free space indicators. Furthermore, the app supplements in hiding the particular images from the usual standard gallery app. Thus, photos remain private and cannot be seen directly in an easy manner. In addition to the aforementioned attributes, this app also helps in shooting pictures automatically by switching on the auto mode.

It is a paid app and it can be downloaded from here.

Super Spy Camera+

Super Spy Camera+

This app functions in the same way as the above listed apps. Also, the characteristic features are executed by this app, but the plus point is that it is available for free and it is also genuine. The individual can set the toast, control resolution settings and set the camera on auto shooting mode for the basic purpose of multiple continuous image capturing. Accompanying these traditional traits, the app also provisions out a preview of the images. Moreover, this is shown to the user if he/she wishes to otherwise the file is hidden if the user doesn’t want to see the same. Besides the existent features, the app also has a propitious feature of Portrait enhancement and face correction for the blurred images or low quality images.

This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.



Over and above this app is facilitated with additional functionalities than the usual orthodox apps. The peculiarity is that it is a visual motion triggered App. This means that the Android Smartphone camera or other remote camera will automatically capture a still photo or video based on motion as long as it is in its field of vision. Further, it can save the photo, tweet it or send it directly to your e-mail. With the provision of SECuRET LiveStream, the individual is allowed to remotely use the Webcam or any other camera for serious surveillance. Thus, it is a beneficial app providing functionalities of the highest order.

It is a paid app and can be downloaded from here.

Mobile Hidden Camera


This resultant functionality is the only app which is compatible with all Android Versions, right from 1.1 to 4.0.3. Likewise, it is the amalgamation of camera and CamCorder. It performs as an efficient SpyCam with the necessitated features like no preview, no flash, and no shutter sound. Also, both the back and front cameras can be utilized to capture images. Moreover, there is provision to shoot auto-continuous imaging with adjustable frequency. Additionally, with the burst mode you are provided with the facility to shoot up to 5 to 10 images per second.

This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

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