Slowly and steadily as rumors about iPhone 5 gathered momentum, we consistently dished them out to the public notifying them with every passing revelation. After the dust settled in and the phone was launched, yet another innovation was displayed out by Apple. The technological advancements surfacing up are gradual processes that are presented out bettering each passing disclosure.

Leaving aside the various devices developed, there is variety available in the accessories that are produced along with the phones. This can range from one device to another as well as provide their associated characteristics in reference to the particular device. While there are a set of newer iPhone cases that are going to be presented out in 2013, let’s have a glimpse of the iPhone cases that are currently available in the market.
The article ahead describes the various types of available iPhone cases. These are presented below in no particular order.

Otterbox Commuter: For the travelling enthusiasts

The notability of this particular case is the rugged protection provided in a smart portable package. Hence, it acts as a superior covering over the respective model. The commendable aspect involves the manifestation of two layers of protection provided. The protection layers are of a tough silicone interior and the exterior involves a hard polycarbonate exterior. Thus, this case can beat the storm in thick and tough times. Therefore it also assumed the handset stays normal even if the device takes a beating during travelling expeditions. Hence, it is best suited for individuals for whom travelling is a regular activity.otterbox-commuter-iphone-5-case

There is dust plugs covering over the ports and additionally protective covering is dished out on the buttons. They also are high quality furnish and are provided with a slick design, Otterbox Commuter for the iPhone serves as a strong barrier in otherwise difficult circumstances. They are available for less than $20.


Eimolife Bamboo Case: The eco-friendly bamboo case

Eimolife serves the purpose on reducing the wastage and preserving the environment by provisioning out eco-friendly made bamboo cases for the iPhone users. These include some of the unique cases with beautiful designs. Additionally, these are light weight, slim and look great on the particular devices. The notable outstanding cases are dished out in variety of styles and are also shipped to the users in eco-friendly recyclable packaging. They are available for around $24. Thus reduce, reuse and recycle are the special principles that they exhibit.

iphone5 Eimolife Bamboo Case

Pad and Quill Little Pocket Book: The stylish case for the reputed working professionals

One of expensive ones from the lot, this particular case is for the working professionals who dish out a classy elegance along with their better job. Thus, it can be bought by the individuals working at reputed posts who can present their appearance of their device in similarity as their dressing sense goes. This particular case involves a classy blend of stylish aura in conjunction with the technological aspects. A special elegant leather covering covers the iPhone and along with it a round baltic birch is available for the user to hold the particular device. Additionally, a wallet is provided manifested with four internal pockets. Hence, from the looks of it resembles a classy approach like a moleskine journal. The price of the Pad and Quill Little Pocket Book case is about $59.99.


Surely the aforementioned ones are not the only ones available or the best amongst the rest and there are often user’s opinions, experiences in taking note while purchasing a particular case. The opinion might change from user to user. Therefore, we look forward to the cases that will be released out in 2013.

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