Twitter has become an extremely famous social networking medium. Twitter has brought in a refreshing new way of social interaction, even with micro-blogging limited to 140 characters. Twitter has evolved over the years and mobile apps have become one of the most important resources for Twitter. The Android users have plenty of Twitter apps on the Google Play Store to choose from. Here are top 5 Twitter apps available on the Android platform.


1. Slices for Twitter:


Slices is the best app for Twitter. An amazing feature of Slices is to group the people you follow and view their tweets separately. This is useful when a person follows a large number of people and doesn’t have the time to read all the tweets on the timeline. Some other highlights of this app are-  unlimited number of Twitter accounts, post to Facebook, SmartLists – Twitter lists with lots power user capabilities, Zip It – Hide unwanted tweets without unfollowing, Smart Filters – Filter your timeline with one tap to show only tweets with photos or videos.
Download it from here.

2. Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck is one of the most popular social media management apps that supports several operating systems and platforms. Tweetdeck for Android is extremely easy to set up and use. The only problem one may find is navigation across the app, which appears to be slightly confusing. Tweetdeck won’t disappoint on the additional features front, with list management, interactions section and tweet scheduling to name a few.
Download from here.

3. Twitter for Android


Twitter for Android is the official Twitter app on the Google Play Store. The UI of this app is the same that is seen on the desktop browser. An individual can perform all the tasks that one performs on the browser. It also has options to notify the user on mentions, retweets and new followers. This app is perfect for the users who want a Twitter app without any fancy features.
Download from here.

4. TweetCaster for Twitter


Among all the Twitter apps, TweetCaster offers the most amazing UI. It has some extremely useful features- “Search Party” narrows down your search while finding a particular topic from among the millions of tweets on Twitter, “SmartLists” that conveniently lists and groups people, “Speak Tweets” that types the tweet just by speaking into the mic and “Smartfilters” that displays only those tweets and photos that you prefer.
Download from here.

5. Plume for Twitter.


Plume is another great app that offers a very vibrant UI. The navigation gets a little confusing and the panes are designed in such a way that you could accidentally click on a link. However, once you get the hang of it, it is very simple to use. The only disadvantage is Plume shows ads in the news feeds, which can be quite annoying. In case one wants to get rid of such ads, they can only do so by opting for the premium version.
Download free version from here.
Download premium version from here.

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