What makes a Smartphone really smart is its uncanny ability to perform functions that make our lives incredibly easy. All of those who paid a small fortune to buy their nice sleek android smartphones, must be getting small heart attacks from time to time when they think they lost their phones. Many a times it happens that we keep your phone on the sofa, bed, under a pillow and cannot recall where we last kept the phone. At such times you regret having the phone in silent mode.

Where's My Droid?

You must have surely wished that if there was something that could just put my phone out of silent phone and ring it so I can locate it. This is just a small hitch that is easy to overcome. But what about, God forbid, if you actually forget your phone somewhere, what then? How do you locate it?

Do not worry; Android has unlocked a plethora of Apps that can help you with this problem. Today, I will explain in detail how to locate your phone at house or track it when lost somewhere else. There are more than a dozen apps available in the market that do this. But most are paid or lack a feature or two.

The best of the bunch is an app called “Where’s My Droid?

Main Features of Where’s My Droid? Android App:

  1. Ring Phone when misplaced:

    It must have happened to you a hundred times. The phone is on Silent mode and you just misplaced it somewhere, so no use calling it. This app helps you to find your phone when misplaced. What it does you’ve to set a predefined attention word. Once done, Whenever you misplace your phone, all you have to do is send a text to your phone with the predefined attention word as the only content in the SMS. On receiving such a SMS, the app will automatically start ringing the phone at full volume even when in silent mode. This feature can be misused by someone else to prank you by sending the attention word while you’re in a meeting or something important. To overcome this the app features a whitelist and a blacklist to prevent misuse of this feature by others. Other features of this app are use of white noise instead of a ringtone, use camera flash to help you locate the phone, etc. You may use this feature using the web app also.

  2. Track phone using GPS when lost:

    Though a rare circumstance, when and if you loose your phone, it is very essential to have an app to track your phone using GPS. This app provides with a predefined attention word, which which you can remotely switch on GPS as well as track it using Where’s my droid web commander. It is a web app which can be accessed from your PC and is linked with your Google account. What this app does is when you log on into Wheresmydroid.com website and link up your Google account, you can access the commander Webapp to help locate your phone using GPS or network based positioning. Or, if you wish to directly access the web commander you may visit here.

  3. Send SMS when SIM card changed

    If your phone is stolen, you can still easily track the phone. When one changes the SIM of the Phone the app automatically sends an sSMS to a predetermined phone number so that you can get the number of the new SIM card. So all features of the app are still functioning.

  4. PRO features

    PRO features include functions like remote lock, wipe SD card, wipe device, take pic – front camera, take pic – rear camera. If some one steals your phone you can easily find out who was it by clicking picture of the person remotely.

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