Occasionally it so happens when we are presented with an application i.e. capable of being run through various programs. The main focus here is on the specific programs that have multiple softwares to choose from for opening that file. This must have been experienced by every Windows user. Quite often, when we want to open a certain audio/video file; an individual can be presented by options of various audio/video players installed on the desktop. Hence, we are presented with a plethora of options for servicing this function to play all media files.

As Smartphones continue to gain ascension within the market forces, one might ponder whether this functionality can be reproduced on the Android device.Default-App-Eg

Once in a while it may so happen that a user wanted to play certain files with a different set of applications (depending on the user’s desires), however this doesn’t happen & the files are processed by default. The reason for this development is underlying from the fact that the application is assigned a default handler initially and opens up when tried to.

So a question arises as to how a person can alter the default previously set file type parameters on their respective device?

The process that has been depicted below shows the formulation of a sequential approach for performing undo on the particular type of file.

  • Primarily, an individual needs to open the Settings. This is done by choosing it from the apps present in the populated list.
  • Open Settings. Then go to Application from the list. Select Manage applications.Screenshot showing Applicatios
  • The individual has to search for the app after one enters the manage applications option from the list. Tap on it & the application are visible.Screenshot showing Applicatios

The next operation that is done involves that of going down scrolling after you select the app.

  • The situation here becomes in the following fashion. The button will be enabled if the app if a default app for any type of file. Otherwise it is disabled.
  • Hence further, the user has to clear all associative files. When the specific file gets opened, the next time the suggestions will be dished out to be chosen from a list.
  • Thus, the user can make the desired decision.

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  1. Addy
    Posted December 31, 2012 at 8:44 am | Permalink

    There is an easy way to do that. There is an application with the name Default App Manager available on the market that does this and a lot more with ease!

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