We are living in an age where Smartphones have been elevated as the most important devices in the current sector of the corporate world. As the technologies advance and the developments accumulate together, there is constant need for change when these particular Smartphones step into the market. Thus, as various devices ascend their arrival in the current scenario, there is always a breakthrough i.e. associated with their features & exhibited aspects.

As new and new advancements catch the glimpse of our eyes, there is a certain revolutionary change that the aspect of the technological incorporation will slowly and steadily replace the paper work that goes along in the current setup. Thus, there is a question of how will we generate the signing of documents in the new age taken over by technology.SignEasy-logo-

When plethoras of applications just keep developing in, there is a constant thinking as to whether an application can replace the normal signature i.e. carried out on documents and various other papers. With the advent of technology and certain useful applications, unquestionably this service can be facilitated on the particular device. The application that serves this functionality is SignEasy, a smart way to replace the signature heavy style of living. IT provides a hassle free approach and a  way out from problems of printing, scanning or faxing & other paperwork.


The particular application aids in helping a person to sign the documents anywhere and anytime- let it be on a road, while travelling or in the office. A simple approach that is carried by the application involves that of downloading these specific documents from DropBox, Box.net, and the user’s eMail & other cloud based file storage services. However, downloading these through SignEasy constitutes of costing certain credits for the same. At the beginning, the user starts with three credits and the others can be made available using hard cash. The best utility provided by Dropbox, eMail is that these files can be opened as attachments with SignEasy. Hence, the problem is resolved in the easiest fashion.


Eventually after a document is opened, it is seen with a toolbar overlay along with the initial document. At this point of time, the individual can embed “media” onto the respective document. For carrying out this functionality, one needs to press on the top right pen icon which is visible. Later the option is provided for inserting media. The media is exemplified in the following way:

  • Your Signature: The particular individual has the option of setting his/her signature. This set signature will hence forward be same for all documents.
  • Clients Signature: In the cases where the signature is needed from another person, at this moment this is made serviceable after the user selects on “insert a client signature”.
  • Date: A very easy exhibited facility. Simply selection of the date needed.
  • Text: One needs to type the particular text that should appear on the document. The conventional approach includes that of notation of initials or a name printed.
  • Checkmarks or Buttons: These help in the injunction of asterisks, arrows, and other things.
  • Company Stamp: This is directed towards the inclusion of specific stamps. Basically any photo from the library can be embedded using this option.

Subsequently after the media is augmented into the document, there is a feasibility provided for dragging it accordingly or resizing it to fit the document. After everything is completed, this document can be exported via DropBox, Box.net, eMail or other compatible apps with SignEasy.

The best part is that the application is available for free for the iOS and Android running devices. It can be downloaded from the following links:

For iPhone & iPad: Download here

For Android: Download here

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