“CyanogenMod” is a word that is heard frequently by the Android users. CyanogenMod is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for select Android devices. CyanogenMod offers a variety of features & enhancements that are not currently found in any versions of Android.The custom ROMs developed by this team can be modified with great ease.


One of the interesting tweaks that can be found out is that of the status bar. The user can get a transparent status bar. In addition to this, the clock will be placed at the center and the colour will be changed to light grey. This mod will not make the status bar transparent. The user must use a theme that will make the status bar transparent. So basically, this mod is used to support the themes that have a transparent status bar functionality. The icons on the status bar are also changed. The icons differ from one theme to another.

Given below is a step by step procedure about how to enable a transparent status bar.

Caution: This mod works for most devices but there are some cases in which it might not work.


  1. Download the files and place it on the SD card.
  2. Backup the Status Bar app using Titanium Backup.Do not neglect this step. In case of a failure you can restore the Status Bar app.
  3. Switch off your phone and go to custom recovery.
  4. Clear cache and Dalvik cache.
  5. Go to install zip from SD card and select Transparent.zip
  6. Now again clear the cache and Dalvik cache.
  7. Again go to install zip from SD card and select Transparent Undo.zip
  8. Now reboot your phone.
  9. A transparent status bar will not be seen now.
  10. Download a theme that supports transparent status bar. Now go to theme chooser app and select that theme.
  11. A transparent status bar will be seen after the theme is applied.

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