CWM enjoyed monopoly in recoveries for a long time. It is indeed a good custom recovery. Being the first custom recovery it really did lay good groundwork for everyone. It has helped countless users to flash/backup/restore their phones. But it has a major drawback that you have to use the volume rockers to control it. CWM did come up with touch based recovery but it is available to a very limited number of devices(Xperia ray not being one of them). So always using the physical buttons becomes kind of annoying. However thomas1991_12 at XDA developers has successfully ported TWRP recovery to Xperia Ray(ST18i).


However this recovery is available only on kernels for Jellybean specifically for CyanogenMod 10. If you want to use the TWRP recovery you will have to flash the FXP CM10 ROM on your Ray.

Caution: Flashing a new ROM will delete all your data be sure of making a backup.

The main advantages of TWRP over CWM are:

  1. Complete touch based control.
  2. Queuing of zip files to be flashed.
  3. Renaming backup names.
  4. Force/unforce MD5 check sum check while backup/restore.
  5. Support for themes.



  1. Once you install flashtools, go to the directory where you installed it. Example: “C:/Flashtool/drivers”
  2. Install the Flashtool-drivers.exe
  3. Once finished open Flashtools/Flashtools64 depending on your PC’s processor(32bit or 64bit).
  4. Now click on the lightening button on the upper left corner.Main screen
  5. select Fastboot mode and press OK.Fastboot mode
  6. A window called as the “Fastboot Toolbox” will appear.Fastboot Toolbox
  7. Now power down your phone.
  8. Press and hold the volume up button and connect the device to the PC using USB cord.
  9. A blue led will light up on your phone.
  10. Now Select the option “select kernel to flash”
  11. Navigate to the folder where you placed the downloaded kernel img file and select it.
  12. Flashtools will flash the kernel and show a success message on the main screen.
  13. Press reboot system.(if you are already running CM10 then you may skip to step number )
  14. Place both the CM10 and gapps flashable zips in your phones sdcard.
  15. Reboot your device and keep pressing the volume down button till your device  enters recovery mode.
  16. Now press “wipe” and select “Factory reset”
  17. Once factory reset is done again in the wipe menu press “System” to format the ROM.
  18. Now press the install and select the CM10 zip file you downloaded earlier then press “add more zips”.
  19. Select gapps and WiFi modules. All of these can be queued.
  20. This process can take a while.
  21. Once finished reboot to system.

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