Team Win Recovery Project more commonly known as the TWRP recovery is one of the latest recoveries to be released. It has a great user interface and excellent features in the recovery itself. After the initial release, the developers have felt the need to add new features time and again. And now the TWRP is updated to the version

Team Win Recovery Project1

In the version, many functionalities have been introduced. Users have been given the option to control the screen brightness from recovery itself. This can help in saving some valuable battery life. Another new feature is the ability to turn off the screen after 60 seconds of no activity. Usually recoveries do not allow the user to turn off the screen. Other great thing that can be found in this version is the improved speed of the backups. The time required to create the backups is considerably less than before.


TWRP also provides the option to check whether the phone is rooted and inject SuperSU if the user doesn’t have it. This is a great option for those who prefer to stick with stock ROMs but only want root without having to go through the hassle of pushing the su binary by themselves.

Other features include :

  • Add a write buffer to libtar backups, significant improvements to speeds when backing up to exFAT target, minor improvements for other file systems
  • Check and offer to fix root permissions if broken
  • An option for a 24 hour clock display instead of AM/PM (aka military time)
  • Add support for some MTK6xxx devices
  • Change libtar to vfork to help prevent memory problems
  • Add a “clicked” effect to most buttons, file selector, and listbox
  • Improve timezone listbox to be more like file selector (per pixel kinetic scrolling, etc)
  • Remove some no longer used settings (Forced MD5 sum on zips, size checking on image backups)

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