One of the major drawbacks of having a smartphone is the batter life. With the Increase in processing power, this has a toll over the battery. Gone are the days when you charged you phone once in 2 days. Yo’re lucky if you even get through a whole day without charging your smartphone. There are many apps available in Google store that claim to save battery, a few of them do fulfil their claims but at the cost of decreased functionality. What’s the use of a smartphone if you can’t use it to it’s true potential?


However Rooted users have an upper hand. Rooted users have an way by which they can boost their battery life without compromising on functionality. This method is called as Undervolting.

Undervolting means supply of a lower voltage to the CPU¬†than what is specified by the manufacturer. This, obviously. comes with a fine print. When you undervolt your device there is a chance that your device can get stuck in boot loops due to lack of voltage to the CPU. It is a art to fine-tune the voltages such that performance isn’t affected as well as there is a battery boost.


Having root access isn’t enough to UV your device. The kernel should also support UV. Stock Kernels do not support UV, only custom kernels so. So it is necessary that you flash a custom kernel with UV support before you go any further.(xperia users can see how to do the same here)

To undervolt you need an app like setXperia or IncrediControl. The interface is farely simple you just have to set lower voltages for every frequency and test them for stability. Try reducing it step by step, do not make any drastic changes. It is quite easy to use. This needs some fine tuning and there are no presets that can be set. Every user must find a optimal voltage for every frequency by tinkering with the app.

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