Rooting your android device has many advantages. Biggest being that you can MOD your device and completely “pimp it out”. But one major downfall is while doing these MODs many a times something or the other gets broken. We don’t always do a Nandroid backup before applying an MOD and we have no way of restoring our phone back to the working state, However here is a short tutorial to help you undo/fix your MODs. This method doesn’t always work and also needs a certain degree of knowledge about the MOD that you applied. This will work only for custom ROMs.

Disclaimer: This is a generic tutorial and it may/may not work for all situations. Do it at your won risk. No member of the site is responsible for any damage caused to the device.

To go on through this tutorial let’s consider you applied the Balckberry 10 styled lockscreen MOD and something went wrong. For this tutorial I am using CM10 as my base custom ROM to which the Blackberry lock screen MOD is applied.


  • The flashable zip of the MOD you applied.
  • The flashable zip of the custom ROM you currently use.
  • Any unzip software like winrar or 7zip.


  1. Open the MOD in your choice of unzip software.
  2. Side by side also open the custom ROM’s flashable zip in the unzip software.
  3. Now examine the files that are in the MOD’s zip file that you applied and make a note of them In this case there are 6 files. 1 file called as System UI.apk  in /system/app and 5 files namely android.policy.jar, framework.jar, framework2.jar, services.jar and framework-res.jar in /system/framework.Vault
  4. Locate the same listed files in the custom ROM’s zip. You will find them in the same folder as in the MOD’s zip. In this example, I should be able to find these files in the same folders /system/app and /system/framework in CM 10’s flashable zip. Vault
  5. Now copy the files from custom ROM into the MOD’s zip file in appropriate folders and replace the files in the MOD.
  6. Now Copy the MOD’s zip onto your SD card and enter recovery mode.
  7. Navigate to install zip from sdcard and flash the zip file.
  8. Now you have removed the MOD and restored your device back to the normal state.

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    Very helpful! Thank you :)

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