Food is a necessity when it comes to favorite choices or during certain discussions at a eating place or during other general parties, occasions. It is a commonplace to talk about the delicacies and the places that serve them. This is often a topic during discussion between food-o-holics and other individuals in the friend’s circles. Quite often it is palpably seen, the nostalgia striking to our mind about a certain dish that reminds its special aspect that raise our taste buds to keep on eating like never before.

Sometimes it may so happen that an individual will obviously easily remember the dish most of the times; however many times one cannot recall that particular place due to various reasons. There may be confusion regarding the dish or simply not being able to recall due to bad memory.

In the advancing age of technology, this problem should easily be formulated with the applications coming in handy. This is where the application, Evernote Food proves a remarkable approach in solving our conundrum. Hence, memories can be reproduced and recollected with the help of such tools.

The application in the current scenario is an extension of the previous introduced Evernote application. The earlier was a note taking application with respect to remembering everything on the go from anything to everything. The current application that is mentioned in the article basically is about the food and is related to the food aspects i.e. place, the food, the appetizer, even the sauces that would make the food enriching in taste. Thus, it acts as a perfect Appetite raiser for the group of people who use the same.

The initial step involves its installation on the handset. This particular application is available for both iPhone and Android. As we are concerned with Android in our current reference, this app can be downloaded from here. Although it’s functioning won’t be different to work on in regard to an iOS app.

Once it has been installed, the application can use the Evernote account to access the same. The functionality to be performed next includes from our side. Whenever, we feel good about the food, or eat great food or are cooking some great food yourself; all this can be recorded taking notes that would be present as the food specific notes. The best way to remember anything could be by taking a picture of the respective dish, pin locations on map & organizing them with tags along with write notes.

Location tagging on maps

After the details have been documented, the settings have to be saved. These experiences get synced to the individual’s Evernote account. There is also option for taking multiple images & creating gallery marking specific details. Thus, it helps a great deal in stress free memorizing of various restaurants and other tags for treating our taste buds in correspondence to our favorite place. Therefore, it is easier seeing the favorite food, special dishes viewing them using Evernote account on both web and desktop.tagged restaurant

As along with the added benefits, a certain disadvantage lies in the fact that the upload limit for free account. The rules are applied in this reference also as present in the Evernote free note taking account. The monthly allowance is just 60 MB for a free user, so an individual will have to be careful with staying in limits with the same.

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