It is a common notion to utilize the camera for various purposes. Slowly and steadily as technological advancements surface up standing the test of time; the devices developed substantiate their claim as the best newer innovations. Along these lines, Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and many users employ their device to utilize messenger-type apps, Skype etc. Thus, the camera aspect can be used to utilize the handset into a wireless webcam. However, the user will have to ensure that the iPhone application is running to utilize the iPhone as a webcam. Therefore, the user must install the drivers or client software on the computer so that it allows in receiving the video signal.


  • The iPhone webcam application
  • Webcam app client software 


  1. At the beginning, you need to launch the “App Store” application which is resident on the iPhone. Next, find the suitable webcam application which will be manifested in the form of “WebCamera” or “iWebcamera”. When you locate the necessary application, download and install this specific app onto your device.
  2. Afterwards go to the webcam developer’s website. Hereafter, you should download the required client software for the computer.
  3. Thereupon, install this specific client software on the computer once the download is complete. This facilitated aspect allows the computer to connect to the webcam application on the iPhone and is responsible for receiving the video signal.
  4. Thereafter, you need to launch the Webcam application on your handset. Also, please position the handset accordingly and in the appropriate fashion.
  5. Immediately launch the particular desktop client software and ensure that you connect to the iPhone. This methodological approach will vary from one application to the other. For the procedural instructions on how you should connect to the device from the computer; you will need some advice from proper consultation with respect to the iPhone application or the developer’s website for instructions on the same.
  6. Simply launch the webcam software on the computer afterwards. This should be launched with the respective application i.e. Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! or AIM as wanted by the user. The respective video signal is functionally available to use as a webcam device.

Note: The battery of your device will decrease due to the constant Wi-Fi connection quenching the battery of the handset.

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