It is a traditional activity to download torrents at regular intervals during the course of time. Usually, there are a plethora of tweaks, tips and tricks available to download Torrent on iOS. Each specific tweak rolls out functions & provisions the unique facility for the particular intended task. Amongst the available ones, the recent arrival of a newer version turns our tide in the favor of iTransmission. This particular tweak facilitates support for the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak devices and is packed along with some more updates.

Once you employ the tweak on your respective device, various lists of options are presented to the user in relation to the configuration. There are facilities provided for choosing the particular download and upload speeds, configuring the bandwidth limits and choosing the number of maximum connections for a respective torrent or on an entire list of torrents. Additionally, there is provisioning of the preferences option which benefits the user in use the toggle cellular network on or off in instances where the individual wants to save the data expenses.

On the basis of a list of factors, the resulting list can be accumulated into systematic categorization. This can be orienting them on the basis of speed, download completion etc., or in some manner. The neat uncluttered interface helps in easy managing of the active torrents or the upcoming newer ones. iTransmission is responsible for detecting a torrent file during the time that the user is browses in Safari and dishes out an option to open the same along-with the tweak.

The torrent list is displayable in the transfers section and there is no availability of the usual pause or resume buttons. However, these specific functions can be performed very easily if the user simply taps on the edge of progress bar on the left. Additionally, on the top there is a view of the download and upload speed.

The resultant information, details are shown when you tap on the specific torrent. Also, a link is provided to the user after the torrent download gets completed. This is presented to the location where the downloaded torrent is stored and thus it acts as a beneficiary source to navigate to the particular destination without hassles.

The iTransmission 3 is available in the Cydia’s ModMyi repository and can be downloaded for free.

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