Ever faced a problem when you desperately need a Webcam but can’t find your webcam or your old webcam has poor image quality? It’s such moments when you wish you could just some how use your smartphones camera as the webcam! You don’t have to wish any more because android has made that possible. There are several such apps available in Google Play store that enable you to use your Android smartphone as a web cam. However most of these apps are either entirely paid or free with partial functionality. After a long search I found an app that enabled you to use your phone as a web cam free of cost. This app is called “Remote Web Desktop”. Obviously this app isn’t completely free as it provides many other features along with using phone as a web cam. However the web cam feature is present in the free version so it should suffice us.


  • A good connection on your mobile device(Wi-Fi is preferable as heavy data charges may apply). To boost your Wifi connection you may see an method here.
  • Download the app from Google Play Store.
  • Windows based PC for best results.


  1. Once you download the app run it.
  2. Select the Web Desktop tab and set a password.
  3. Do not change any other setting.
  4. If you’re using a Wifi connection skip to step no.
  5. If you’re using the phone’s data connection (3G) then select the bridge Mode option.
  6. Then enter your email Id into the field as seen in the image.Remote Web Desktop
  7. Press on Start server.
  8. Open the browser in your PC and enter the address displayed in the app at the bottom screen.
  9. If you have ticked on the bridge mode then you’ll be asked for the email id.
  10. When asked for the password enter the password that you set earlier in step 2.
  11. select the WebCam option and your phone’s camera will be used as the webcam.remote web desktop - PC
  12. Now launch any app like Skype to try out your mobile webcam!

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