Sometimes it is a tedious task to search through for the Play Store for the right application. This operation consumes chunks of time as we move forward taking a look at various apps in our pursuit to find the interested application. Thus, using a shorter approach to reach at the specific application is a fantastic option in such circumstances. It can also act as an easier route away from the gruesome search mechanism presented out by the Google Play Store. Utilizing QR codes for Android can act as a advantageous way in which QR codes can be used to get applications. The presence of QR codes help in providing an easier route to find apps. It is a beneficial aspect that can serve as a smarter option to share links to various apps present in the Play Store. Let’s turn our attention on how these QR codes can be used in a profitable way.QR Codes


  • An Android Phone with camera
  • The application Barcode Scanner

Steps to use the QR codes:

  1. The primary necessity is to have a Barcode Scanner to facilitate the reading of the QR code. Initially, open the Play Store and find and download “Barcode Scanner”.
  2. Once the application gets installed, launch Barcode Scanner and now you will view a red line which is present across the screen. At this point of time, move the phone forward so that the viewfinder can zoom in on the QR code. This operation needs to be performed until the QR code comes into focus.
  3. Subsequential to the reading of the code, a notification is displayed that there exists a Found URL. Now, proceed forward clicking on the “Open Browser” button & the specific application is directed in the Android Market. Therefore the user receives the app link. In this fashion, you can use the QR codes.

Steps on how to share contacts via QR Codes:

  1. Utilizing the QR codes, an individual can also share the contact information if necessary in any case.
  2. Select Contact from the Share via Barcode screen
  3. Next, scroll through the entire contact list. Here, select that contact to be shared.
  4. The entire information i.e. presented out in the contact gets stored in the QR code which is displayed on screen. This is required to be scanned hence further.
  5. Thus, this contact information in QR code can be shared with other applications as well be shared via Facebook, email, Twitter etc.QR code scanned
  6. Once the QR code is scanned, there is an option provided for adding the contact. Based on the information attached along with the contact, several other options like Show map, Dial number, and send Email are provided.

Steps on how installed apps can be shared via Barcode Scanner

  1. The facility provided involves that installed apps can be directly sent to other users by simply scanning the QR code. Barcode Scanner is used for this purpose.
  2. Open the app Barcode Scanner.
  3. Next, press on the menu button on the device. Thereafter, select Share.
  4. Later, the specific application must be chosen that needs to be shared. Click on the application.QR code
  5. Afterwards, the particular QR code is displayed on the device’s screen. Thus, another device can be used to scan the particular code. The other user will need to have Barcode Scanner or other scanning app installed on their handset to facilitate this intended task.
  6. After the user presses menu button, this code can be sent via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The code gets delivered to the other person’s sent destination and this can be scanned later.

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