In today’s ever developing world of technology, there has been a gradual ascension of the various new gadgets that make the cut. These discoveries turn out for good, or some of them fail away categorized as flops. There is a significant amount of commotion often caused by some devices while others fade away beyond shadow of doubt. With Smartphones grabbing a stranglehold across the market & accounting to advantageous in a huge way, the functions, operations, services provided just keep on multiplying with every new discovery. Thus, amidst the revelations & the interesting features, it is an eye-opening question as to whether these devices can break through to be used as a Walkie-Talkie.Walkie-Talkie
 In the past, one has glimpsed the Smartphones capable of being beneficial in a variety of aspects providing a set of innumerable functions. Some of them included turning the device into Barcode Scanner, Mini Scanner, eBook reader with the manifestation of these functionalities utilized from the various applications.GroupPTT

As the surrounding developments rise by with the continual advancements in latest discoveries, using a Smartphone as a Walkie-Talkie also exercises in the realms of possibility. It is an obvious fact that an application will serve the purpose in this regard. The app that provides this operation is the Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT. It is also known as Voxer in short.

The objective serviced by this app includes that of providing the Smartphone to be in action as a live talkie-talkie or a handheld transceiver. This is possible WiFi, 3G/4G or EDGE. This can act as an alternative to the messenger apps that include the likes of eBuddy or WhatsApp Messenger. It is useful for sending texts or photos as these apps do, but the notable feature that is provided by this particular app is that of the ‘push to talk’ or PTT. Voxer Hold and Talk

Presented with a neat, uncluttered and clean interface, it serves as a fruitful application for conversing with the other person in the form of text or audio. It resembles the Walkie-Talkie in that functional manner that during any point of time an individual can switch over to talk or hear a voice from the other side which may include the friend/ partner speaking. The serviceable function is operated as a Walkie-Talkie in the sense that the conversation to the other side is heard & consequently the reply or the answers are provided in similar manner. Also one can view the history of the conversations, the other text messages.

The process is as easy as a piece of cake with just simply holding the ‘Hold and Talk’ button. When the released button is pressed, this process is completed. This application is available for free for both the Android phones as well as iPhones and can be downloaded from the following links.

For Android: Download here

For iPhone: Download here

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