As the trend with respect to Smartphones surfaces up with respect to developments that are facilitated through-out the sightings seen in the public’s eye, it is a thought-provoking approach as to whether there can be an incorporation of certain experimentation on them. Very often, an Android phone serves advantageous in this regard with the benefits that are provided & the self-customization & other opportunities dished out with respect to various procedures.Windows-Phone-7-demo-on-iPhone

Along these lines, an interesting proportionality has been dished out by Microsoft for attracting different sets of users in the aspect that they can try out Microsoft’s mobile platform on their particular handset. Considering the imaginative idea, one does not need to have a Windows phone for functioning their platform; this can be regulated with the usage of a web application that has been developed by the Microsoft developers.

It is a general phenomenon that creative, masterful ideas that gather a mass of public to attain the desired purpose, thus the idea of trying out Windows 7 on the user’s handset. In such a way, this particular point of view can act as a magnet to pull the Android, iPhone users on the particular disclosure.

  1. At the beginning the particular individual needs to simply open the browser Safari to carry out the intended target.
  2. Hereafter, the user must go to the address
  3. At this juncture of time, the user is spellbound with the Windows Phone interface taking over. Just like that, the user is in rapt attention with respect to the function i.e. performed currently.Windows-Phone-7-Demo-Start-
  4. The designing of the website has been done in a fantastical way. As a consequence, one can easily swipe, touch the interface to get captivated with the Metro UI.


In this way, when the user wants to try out Windows Phone 7; the user needs to go about performing the aforementioned procedural steps to carry out the intended target. Hence, to such a degree the user can experience the Windows Phone with the demo that is presented out by the developers.

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