It’s a known fact that when your phone displays a black screen on the AMOLED screen with the backlight off it screen consumes almost no battery at all. One of the biggest disadvantages of owning a device with no Notification LED is that you tend to miss important notifications as they arrive. To address to this same problem XDA Senior Member madmack has developed this app called NoLED.


NoLED is a free app that allows you to display notifications on your device having an AMOLED screen. This app can be used of any device but in any other device the  battery consumption will be high. So it is advisable to use this only on devices having an AMOLED screen. What this app does is that when an event occurs, like suppose you receive an SMS, the app will switch on the AMOLED screen and display a red dot or an icon and randomly jump it all around the screen. The touch sensors are switched off so that battery isn’t consumed. Also, the icon keeps jumping randomly to avoid a LED from burning out. To turn off the notification all you have to do is press the home button!

The app is compatible with SMS/MMS, Gtalk, Gmail, Missed calls, Voicemail, Calendar and K-9 (email client) without any additional permissions. However, to use third party apps like WhatsApp, Yahoo! mail, etc you’ll have to give the Accessibility permission to the app. The app runs as a service and you can activate/disable it using a widget on the home screen. Everything in the app is configurable including the icon, the dismissal key, etc.

You can see a preview of the app in this video:

You can download the APK file of the NoLED App from this link: Download Link

Do let us know if you use it and how is your experience with it!

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