An amazing tweak, yet as funny and proving as a prank to be utilized on various phones. Such is the tweak called FakePercent. The fact that it is available for free ascends the entertainment levels a notch higher and it presents out an enjoyable aspect to the overall scenario. A gladdening tweak that serves as the perfect fit for changing the battery percentage levels to any number as and what you desire. This can be changed to a single digit or 4 numerical digits as dependent on the user’s wish. The individual just has to type and the particular thing will be saved on the device. Thus, it acts as an effective manner to fake the battery percentage. Along these lines, the user can set the percentage to be 100%, when at that actual instance there is only 5% battery left. It is construed to be working on iPhones and iPods upto the latest firmware.

Even though it is an old tweak, the consistent updating of the respective tweak has resulted in the fun being relived at any instance supplementing a convivial approach for its users. The only point to be noted is that the tweak requires a Jailbroken phone. This is because it is a Cydia tweak and is available on the Cydia’s BigBoss repository, free of charge for jailbroken devices.FakePercent


  1. At the beginning, Open Cydia and choose the “Search Tab”. Now type FakePercent and click on the Install button. You will find the same from the BigBoss repository.
  2. After it’s installed, hereafter the device will ask to “Restart Springboard”. Select the same to proceed ahead.
  3. Thereupon, when the Springboard gets re-sprung; you should move over to the Settings app. Subsequently scroll down in the list of installed apps. Right here, we find FakePercent! Open the particular app.
  4. After the app is opened, there are 3 options displayable. These are namely Enable, Percent and Charging Indicator. At this point of time, you will need to change the specific number in the percent bar as you desire. In this fashion, the battery percentage can be faked.
  5. Only after you change it as you want, you have to make sure that the “Enabled” button is ON. Thereupon, you can visually perceive the percentage change before your eyes.  If at any instance this change is not implemented, then you should consider on respringing your iDevice. This will manifest the working operation.

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