Jailbreaking your iPhone offers a variety of benefits. This can range from simple tweaks of changing fonts to efficient customization using themes, smart tricks to facilitate the desired aspect on the respective device. Jailbroken device provides immense functionalities along its course which helps in enriching the overall perspective of the particular handset. With the recent speculations about jailbreaking devices having finally surpassed, the ease of use dished out by the Evasi0n team has inducted superior benediction associated with the iOS users. During the time that an individual employs a jailbroken facility, the utilization of Cydia explores a wide heterogeneous aspect of the tweaks provided which provides optimum benefit to the users in such regard.

We have already talked about how an iPhone can benefit from Jailbreaking. This exemplified the in-depth approach the how an iPhone can benefit employing Jailbreak on the iOS device. However, in such instances it may so happen that some apps may not fit on the iPhone 5. But, a newly developed tweak by Ryan Petrich has facilitated the solution for the ongoing problem. The manifestation of such a tweak is responsible for facilitating the legacy apps to be displayable in full screen mode on devices as taller as iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation.

Steps on how this can be employed on the iPhone:

  1. Initially, you should download FullForce. This is available in the Cydia store for $0.99.
  2. Respring device. Later, changes take effect.
  3. Subsequently, navigate to Settings and browse “FullForce.” At this point of time, the apps that required to be stretched to fit on screen are mentioned.

FullForce teak-for-iPhone

This Cydia tweak results in presenting out a dialog box to the user questioning whether the particular user wants to stretch the app. This is pointed out at every instance when the individual will want a legacy app which needs to be stretched at any point of time.

The other app proving a competitor to this particular aspect is ScreenExtender which is available for free, but it is understood to be resident on the device and producing issues. However, FullForce for iPhone is a smooth functioning tweak which is a flawless approach which works efficiently in stretching the older apps to fit easily on the iPhone 5 screens.

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