As the technological advancements surface up with each passing day, the ease of use that is provided by their features is in considerable limits. With each and every passing day, we are presented out a variety of insights into newer & better discoveries that slowly and steadily catch the glimpse of the eyes. Along these lines, there are products developed aimed at luxuriousness with the simplified approach & the extravagance they associate with them.

In this way as we ascend to every arrival or anything that grabs the headlines, the ease of use is the prioritized thing i.e. functionalized by the respective front-page news. As long as convenience becomes the integral aspect, such revelations will present their arrival in the current economy.

As a consequence various comforting factors are mandatory in such cases where the ease of use, satisfaction, time saver takes prominence. Thus the resultant functionality can be availed by the use of the Google Handwrite feature for tablet and mobile web browser. An interesting feature like this acts as a foundation to provide serviceability as a replacement for phone keyboard in the simplified terms. Employing this on the handset can aid in the way that one can easily scribble on the particular device or make a search query on the iOS devices.googlehandwrite

Thus, availing this facility will act as a closure for using the keyboard on the device. Surprisingly, even the pre-requisite of having a stylus is not required for the desired aspect. To such a degree are the features provided, that an individual can apply suitable characteristic inputs to facilitate their output. The notable idiosyncrasy lies in the characteristic approach that automatically voice control is put to function when the user speaks, presentation of automated filling in search queries before the specific user finishes typing and others that aim at provide luxury through this medium. Additionally, specific functions have certain Jailbroken tweaks. Under these circumstances, this it provides complete interaction with the search engine.

Set up Google Handwrite

  1. Initially to set up Google Handwrite feature, one has to be go to a respective mobile browser. Hereafter, the individual must visit and availing next function by tapping on “Settings”.google_handwrite_enable
  2. Consequently, the user should enable the Handwrite feature going here finding the Settings at the bottom.
  3. At this moment, the user must tap save & refresh the current homepage. This proceeds to see ahead how it works ahead.
  4. After the Google Handwrite gets activated, the user gets the glimpse of the Handwrite icon. This is present on screen’s bottom right corner. To try out its utility, the user must testify the current feature by typing some words. Automated filling of search keywords get included in the search keywords.
  5. Additionally, even longer queries can be tested by simply scribbling the specific letters on the screen. The individual can continue writing and automated filling is completed by arrows.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices. The cognizance resulted is that; its best working has been understood to be in Chrome. Hence, default browser can be changed to Google Chrome using BrowserChooser.

An official video demo is presented below for further understanding:


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