Recently, many apps have made the use of the Holo Theme. The latest version of the Google Play Store has a Holo look to it. Even the official Twitter and the WhatsApp apps have adopted the Holo Theme. Now there is a text messaging app named ICmess which gives a Holo feel to the messaging app.


The philosophy of the developer while making the ICmess app was to give a Ice Cream Sandwich messaging experience to the users. ICmess has a horizontal sliding interface to it. ICmess consists of 3 sliding screens – one for the current conversation, one for the existing conversations and last, a settings menu. In the settings menu, a variety of options are seen – interface, notifications, messages and multimedia messages can be found, with other nifty features such as ‘slide down to search’ and ‘SMS popup’ tucked into the app along with its main function of messaging.


Other features that can be found in this app:

  • Ability to answer quickly to an SMS by a popup
  • The user can return to the conversations list by a sliding
  • Feature of erasing your text with a gesture
  • Start a conversation without getting into the application
  • The user can quickly find an old conversation
  • Light or dark Holo theme

ICmess is one of the simplest messaging apps with slide and flow. It does not contain many features that are found in other messaging apps. It is preferable to have a simple messaging app. The main goal of the ICmess is to give a Holo messaging experience to the users.

ICmess is available on the Google Play Store. It is a free and an ad-free app. Icmess is still in it’s beta stage. The developer accepts bug reports and feature requests during this app’s beta phase. ICmess is compatible with any device running Android 4.0 or newer.
Download ICmess from here.

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