It is an irritating aspect in instances when you have to take out your headphones out from your iOS device. This can be your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad during the time that you are listening to music. However when you put your headphones back into the device, the music doesn’t continue playing from the track you were listening to previously. This is because the default music player will end up pausing this playback in circumstances when you unattached the headphones. It is thus an irksome perspective when such cases annoy the user from time to time.Plugication tweak

This issue can be solved by using a Cydia tweak called Plugication. Plugication is an advantageous functionality which dishes out a mechanism to automatically resume music playback when it manages to detect that headphones are plugged into the device. Thus it provides a perfect characteristic for empowering command onto your Jailbroken iOS device. The following steps present out a mechanism which assists your progress in installing the same and further using it.Plugication

  • At the beginning, the individual will have to go to Cydia. Thereafter search Plugication.
  • After you find the particular app, you should “Install” this app. Later after you are prompted to “Restart Sprinboard”, you should perform this action.
  • Once your device is re-sprung, you will have to go to the Settings app present on your handset. Hereafter scroll down till you find this installed app. After you find it, open it. Here viewable are 2 options to choose from, Play on Connect & Pause on Disconnect.
  • These are the options that are available for setting up the headphone configuration. After you have chosen the respective setting, press the home button to get started. If later you want to change the Settings back to the previous state, then you should turn it off from the Settings app.

Have a look at the video below:

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