Usually Cydia tweaks are remarked as advantageous functionalities due to the plethora of tweaks available for the completion of various tasks and other operations. Thus there several tweaks which possibly serve as beneficial resources for the jailbroken iOS users. The plethora of features provided by the respective tweaks aggrandizes to prove more beneficial than the apps released on App Store.SubIc0ns

Along these lines, another new addition into Cydia provides as an awesome functionality with respect to Creating App Shortcuts on your LockScreen and the Springboard’s Sidebar. This app called SubIc0ns proves as an advantageous resource without any complication configuration options. This tweak proves a beneficial resource on apps that can be possibly used through an Activator gesture as well. The notable aspect of subIc0ns is that it helps in the creation of shortcuts for respective apps.

At the beginning after you download and install this specific tweak, a new menu will be displayed in the stock Settings app. The user is handed out a single toggle which can be made use of to enable or disable the tweak. Additionally the other options have their own extended menu. The main toggle proves helpful in simply activating or turning off the tweak. The user has the facility to choose Activator gesture and this gesture will assist in the progress of bringing up the particularized tweak from within apps as well as from the lockscreen.

A video demo of the tweak represents its functionality:

SubIc0ns is a Cydia tweak that is available for free & can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. In such a manner, you are entitled to select as many apps as much as you want into the respective six slots which are provided by the tweak. These specific slots appear in a particularized vertical line in cases of the lockscreen as well as on the homescreen. Also, the user has the facility to have two fields. In such a manner, you are entitled to place the app where you specifically want to create the shortcut and the other one can be used for the creation of a new label. Once you have set up the slots, you can utilize this gesture to make the tweak work.

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