As Samsung continuously tries harder and makes advancements to grab a major share in the market; consumers are introduced to several itemizations which arrive dubbed as variants of several devices. Previously it was speculated that the Rose Gold color variant of the Galaxy Note 3 was heading out on Verizon.Note3_rosegold

Based on this released report, it is noted that this development is in the works and it will be officially unveiled with an offer that will last until January 26. Android Central reports that individuals will receive $100 mail-in rebate on the purchase of the Rose Gold Note 3. Individuals also have the option to choose the standard white or black Note 3 with $100 rebate if incase they don’t want to go for the newfangled colored
If at all such revelations don’t interest the consumers, then Verizon has already announced that individuals will be benefitted with higher rebate value of $150 on both the 16 and 32GB models of the Galaxy S4, and the Galaxy S4 mini and the Galaxy S III. Additionally, users also have the option to choose the device’s color upon their interests. Such a development sounds as an propelling factor to boost up the sales of these flagship handsets and Verizon has already began the promotion of this deal. A two-year contract will be an addition alongwith the purchase of these handsets.

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