In the days gone by, we have glimpsed the significance of reducing/compressing the size of a video on Android Smartphones. This was beneficial in various ways. The functionality was dished out with the use of an app which helped further in reducing the video size for sharing it via WhatsApp.

It wasn’t the ideal solution to counter other problems, but it was effective for that specific target. However, there can be a time where the particular user wants to focus, view a certain frame of the video or only a certain part of the huge video; in such cases the answer to the precedently reported application isn’t the perfect solution.AndroVid Pro Video Editor

Another alternative to the previous scenario would have to partially split the video into respective parts & then sending it on the major communication portal. Unfortunately, such specific targeted aimed app isn’t available for that purpose. This was a generalization based just on sharing on WhatsApp.

A thought-provoking notability at this point of time would be thinking whether the huge videos can be trimmed and splitted them into smaller sizes on Android.

Let’s understand how this feasibility of splitting, cutting videos can be exhibited for use on the Android smartphone. An application is necessary for the execution of this aspect on the particular device. The itemized concept of the tool doesn’t involve the compression of video quality but it focuses on trimming the original video. The talk here is about the AndroVid Video Trimmer i.e. the application used for serving our desirable purpose. It is available in free version also along with the Pro Version that can be purchased from the Google Play Store.Android Video Trimmer

How to use AndroVid Video Trimmer

Initially the app needs to be installed on the device. This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The individual should launch the app. Henceforward it will load all the videos that are currently present on the user’s SD card. This is presented additionally with the thumbnails.

This process takes time. It also depends on the number of videos situated on the handset. In the course of time after they have been loaded, one should select the specific vid by tapping on that particular option. Ultimately this is the selected vid for editing and starting the process. There are 2 options dished out to the individual after this.

Either a user can directly split the video or a portion can be trimmed according to the user’s requirements. The function of trimming aids in the fact that they can also be converted to MP3 audio later.

Loaded videos on SD card

The approach that needs to be followed during splitting mode involves keeping the marker on the video timeline. It is located on the scissors icon on the top-right corner. This is done to split the video into two parts for processing.

Once processing is completed, the user needs to decide on a selection that whether the current video should replace the original or should be saved as a new video. Eventually after the selection is made, the video is saved in one particular name.


For the trimming purpose, an individual can select two points. These can be palpably understood as start and end-points. After this, one can tap on the Cut video icon on the top-right corner for processing the video. Thus in a simple fashion one can split and cut or trim videos on your Android phone. Even the audio can be extracted as an additional aspect.

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