Whatsapp has gained immense popularity in the past year and its popularity continues to gain higher heights. In a previous post i had shown a really cool MOD to Whatsapp called the Whatsapp plus.

The biggest stir up in app industry has to be voice assistance. Apple began this market with the launch of Siri and many others followed like Samsung’s S-voice, Google’s Google Now and many more.  Our friend pacosal at XDA developers forum has developed a new app that somewhat follows the above trend. Voice for Whatsapp (beta) is the latest mod for Whatsapp that is truly amazing.

Voice for Whatsapp

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your phone could just read out all the messages for you as they received instead of you every time reading them and also able to reply to them just like talking to a normal person? Voice for Whatsapp does exactly the same! It is yet in beta stage and hence it has it’s bugs but in all an great innovation.

To get Voice for Whatsapp follow these instructions:


Configuration for App:

  1. Place the app in your SD card and install it using some file manager.
  2. Go to “Settings> Accessibility > Voice for whatsapp” and turn it on.Voice for Whatsapp configuration
  3. There is a small menu to make a few settings.


  • When you receive a notification of WhatsApp, the program will read the message.
  • If the device is ON, try to read it and give you the option to answer orally, if it is off (the screen) when you unlock it will try to do it.

Known Bugs:
Sometimes read the date or time instead of the message.

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