Losing weight is the common practice amongst individuals. The extensive diet plans, the hard-core fitness regimes, the selective food meals are some of the ways in which the particular practice is facilitated related to individuals. Losing weight involves several factors. The most important one is to plan meals, have a proper intake of food, regularly check the calorie information etc. Additionally, workouts are a necessitated entity in conjunction with the rest.

However for facilitating all the above, the important thing which needs to be performed is putting the extra effort or the hard work for the completion of this task. In the age with developing technology, Smartphones have revolutionized their presence as the integral components of life. Along these lines, the apps serve fruitful as a personal nutritionist or a diet chalked planner in the pursuit for losing weight. Thus, time also isn’t consumed for this purpose and apps can manage the entire goal with ease. Therefore, presented below are 3 apps that have a dedicated motive of losing weight.

Lose Weight


The peculiarity of the particular application is that the app functions as a personal nutritionist. At the beginning, you will need to chalk out your food intake, food you like eating and eventually a custom meal plan is created manifesting the individual’s input. Thus, it targets a plan in the particular direction for reaching the dedicated weight-loss goals. Additionally, a shopping list is prepared and swaps can be alternatively performed in the meal plan depending on the user.

It is a paid app can be downloaded from here.


Lose It:

The app aids in making a log for the food and a separate exercise routine for the user. Thus, this facility helps the user in exactly monitoring the amount calories intake and the calories which are burned during the exercise routine so as to reach the dedicated goal of attaining weight-loss. The other functionalities that are provided by the app include the facility of connecting with other users in the community and sending across reminders during the time that the individual forgets to have the meals according to the dedicated plan. Later, badges are rewarded for the success i.e. encountered by the specific user. Also, reports can be generated on this basis.

This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

Lose It


The basic function exhibited by the app is that it basically helps in tracking calories. Every food is provisioned out a nutrition grade (from A to D) and the particular food can be seen by looking up the product or by scanning a bar code to get information. Hereafter, shopping lists are generated. Thus, the overall features provided by the app act as a beneficial source for the well-being of the user. Henceforward, this helps in tracking what you eat, and exercise regime for completing the weight-loss goals.

This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.



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