A few weeks ago, WhatsApp started rolling out the voice calling feature to the Android users. It was kind of a surprise as iOS is usually the first one to receive new updates and features. WhatsApp voice call for iOS is also scheduled sometime next week and after that Windows is set to receive this feature.

As is the norm, Windows will be the last mobile OS giant to receive the voice calling feature.┬áThe email from WhatsApp’s support team (apparently sent out to a Windows Phone user) also mentions that the highly anticipated feature is currently being fine-tuned and customised by engineers at WhatsApp for Windows Phones.

To get the voice calling feature, Windows users must be on the latest version of WhatsApp. Hearing this news, a lot of Windows users will be excited as they might have feared that Windows will miss out on this feature.

The activation of voice calling will be similar as Android. It will be only activated when someone gives a voice call to you. Once it get activated, you will see 3 separate tabs on the WhatsApp main screen.

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