Wi-Fi signals are not always available and even if they are they may be weak.  A weak WiFi signal is the most exasperating thing when you can’t get a decent WiFi connection at your place or in a certain area of your house.It is also irritating when you are using WiFi at a malls or airports with low speed performance?

Here’s a application that will optimize the system configuration and increase speed on the respective connection.

Wi-Fi Booster

Wi-Fi Booster

The expediency of the App is displayed by the following hallmarks of the App :

  • To improve performance, myriad tips are provided
  • The app makes allowance for constituting things like lightweight WiFi Connectivity Manager with Easy Connect and booster
  • It also interjects Wifi network speed booster, 1 press search for best remembered wifi networks and press search also up for grabs for best open wifi networks
  • Free app and compact, saves memory space
  •  Simple yet effective application that improves WiFi performance

Tapping twice it all it takes to aggrandize the speed of the Wi-fi connection. The result that occurs with this effortless double tap is described below –

The first involves the search for the best remembered WiFi networks, whereas the other involves the search for the best open WiFi networks. After the WiFi connection is established, the speed booster presents it’s prestidigitation by boosting the signal strength. With it’s implementation WiFi Booster may increase your internet link even by up to 5%!

Wi-Fi Booster

Link for Download: Download WiFi Booster from the Play store

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