Xbox has been in the gaming industry for more than 10 years. It has been well commended for its unique ergonomic design for it’s controller. The comfort if playing games on a Xbox controller are known to only one who has ever used a Xbox controller.

Xbox Controller

Android phones keep getting faster, better, more powerful by the day. Todays top end Android devices can easily beat any average PC from just 5 years back. With quad core processing, RAMs exceeding 1GB the capability of these phones is unfathomable. Gaming has always been hand in hand with PCs and now also with these smart phones. Recently many PC / console games have been ported for android devices as well. Big titles like GTA: Vice City, NFS Most Wanted, FIFA 12, etc. Not only that many state of the art games like the N.O.V.A., Asphalt series, etc. have been exclusively designed for smartphones.

However, every gamer knows also knows that there is no comfort like playing games on a gaming console. Though all smartphone games are just like any console games it is exasperating to play games on smartphones. The small size makes it difficult to comfortably hold the device and play games for a long time. It is not ergonomically viable. However, there is a solution to these problems. What if someone told you that you can play games on your android device using Xbox controller? Am sure you would be exhilarated. That would be like a dream come true for any gamer who doesn;t want to miss a second gaming. The comfort of playing games on a console combined with the portability of smart phones is like a gamers wet dream!

Play Android games using Xbox controller

YES! You can use a Xbox controller on an Android device to play games on it. This has been made possible due to USB OTG. USB OTG is a technology that allows you to use normal USB port on your smartphone. OTG stands for “on the go”. USB OTG is a converter that you plug into your devices micro USB port. It has a male micro USB at one end and a female USB at the other.

To use your Xbox controller on your device you would need to buy the USB OTG port. This is easily available in any electronic shop or from sites like eBay. Once you buy the OTG wire you have to check for it’s compatibility with your device. The steps to determine compatibility as well as using the Xbox controller are given as below.


  1. To check your Android Device’s compatibility with USB OTG you can see this article.
  2. Proceed ahead only if your device is compatible with USB OTG.
  3. You would require to buy a Xbox controller with a UBS male port. (Xbox controller for PC has USB male port. )
  4. Now connect the USB OTG’s micro USB male port to your device.
  5. Connect the Xbox controller’s USB male port to the USB OTG’s female USB port.
  6. Make sure the lights on the controller blink.
  7. If they do you have successfully attached the controller to your device.
  8. Now you can enjoy the comfort of a Xbox controller for playing almost any android game.

Note: All games are not fully compatible with an Xbox controller on your device. Also the key mapping will not be provided for any game. You will have to use trial and error method to discover the key mapping.

You can see this video to see Xbox controller in action:

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