All the folks who are dying to be a part of the ever flourishing community of android developers but don’t have a clue of where to start from, here is a great news from our very own XDA developers’ forum! XDA forums has disclosed it’s plans to begin a online place to learn basics and more about android ROM development. The site will be called as It will be a public sourced initiative website where the community will contribute to create lessons, tutorials, guides and more based on android development.

XDA University

XDA-Developers has gained the trust of millions of android users, serving as the one stop shop for all MODs, ROMs, ROOT, etc. And be in no doubt that the XDA-university will certainly be a sure hit. One of the only places where developers post their original content and with a no bullsh*t policy, XDA is one of the biggest contributes in the developers community. Such a step to launch this site will only benefit the android community by training and building new developers and help in the dissipation of knowledge to greater mass. There yet no official announcement of the exact date when the site will be launched full fledged  however you can still head over to and enroll yourself to any further notices or you can check out our site for further details.

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