As long as new applications consistently develop as the new advancements ascend force, the variety that these applications provide is excellent as compared to the set of its previous versions. With the advent of technological merchandise, the betterment and the improvement dished out by the set of applications is superlative to its appearance with its arrival in the market forces.

Each and every application provides a unique insightful feature targeted at a specific purpose. Thus there is accurate sub-division into respective categories provisioning out particular features into a same set, while the similar ones in another set. Thereupon the onset of upcoming Smartphones, an application serviceable for both platforms can serve as the beneficial aspect while working with different platforms. This can been made possible with the disclosure of Zapya.Zapya app

The advantageous aspect is in the fact that it is a cross platform application which can be serviceable for transferring files from multiple recipients to a single recipient. Additionally, even multiple files can be transferred to a single recipient.

It is worthwhile to use this application with the peculiarity provided with the astounding features that are available upon its use. Embedded with a file browser, built-in media it bestows an impressive aspect considering any types of files can be transferred over a WI-Fi connection. The desired functionality can also be performed operated on a Wi-Fi hotspot shield presented on any of the devices. The user need not connect the device frequently every time after the sharing begins on the respective front. Another profitable way is in the fact that the app is serviceable as a file manager also. Thus, facilities are provided to rename, delete, uninstall, backup and also the properties of the data i.e. selected can be viewed.

Another opportune facility dished out is the maintenance of a specific log for the transaction i.e. the transferred data. This helps in displaying a detailed explanation of the operation that was functionalized during the particular transfer. Additionally, password connections can be set with trusted users being featured in a separate list. There is a pre-requisite required for a active connection for the functioning of the Wi-FI hotspot enability.Zapya-iPhone-app

There are a varieties of features provisioned out for the user’s motives. Once the application is installed, dished out are a set of options available that display the resultant sub-divisions in an oriented fashion. They are presented out in set of tabs for apps, gallery, files, history and media. The beneficial aspect lies in speeds served for the data transfers to happen. Also, there is no restriction of file size for the sharing & the transfers can be stopped as well. The hallmark of the application includes the various games catered for the user’s amusement. These can be availed and played using the WLAN.

Moreover, there are various gestures that are furnished out that the user can employ to work out its operation. Some of them include pressing a file to expand it, dragging pictures for sharing. This application is free and downloaded from the App Store.

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